Mar 1, 2010

Review: Shutter Island and The Departed? Chicken feed

Shutter Island’s box office intake seems to be another victim of the Hollywood punter’s review-driven idiosyncrasy. Hollywood ratings go past the typical “box office hit” scanner that says a film is a hit because it touched at least $ 20 Million in the “first week.” Shutter Island had no other big release challenging the Leonardo DiCaprio horror thriller.

Chicken Feed

This practically means it is too early to conclude that the Martin Scorsese-Leonardo Leonardo DiCaprio flick is ready for any historic watershed-hopping. While it hasn’t shaken the solar system, Shutter Island opened the weekend with a (measly) $40.2 million take. No bad if you don’t know how much another Scorsese venture The Departed made in its first weekly intake, production-wise.

The fact is, or according to Paramount, Shutter Island cost $75 million after tax credits. The initial cost was close to $100 million. So after the tax credits, Shutter Island will have to make a 2-month rerun of at least $25 million for each to break even.

No Good Flick Scan

‘Week-wise,’ it is easy to assume (and declare so) that the film’s production-wise intake would break even in the few following weeks. But Vis-à-vis the Titanic or The Departed, Shutter Island is a career best for both Director Martin Scorsese and star Leonardo DiCaprio. They have had no sizable hit at the box office since the duo ventured on The Departed. The Departed opened at $26.9 million in 2006. Another thing Paramount isn’t yet brave enough to tell you are that there is quite a lot of murmur in Beverly Hills about Shutter Island’s movie quality and long-run commercial potential. (The studio officially blamed the move on, according to Hollywood punters “production expenses”).

Another itch-spot is that Shutter Island looks a lot like Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio rehashed The Departed. Although the new thriller opened to $40 million, compared with The Departed ’s $26.9 million, the latest trend is that Shutter Island is experiencing a rapid domestic ticket sales decline at a studio-estimated 46% this weekend. See, The Departed dropped only 29%.

But there are hopes that Shutter Island is on way to amassing at least a $132.4 million as the final domestic gross. That brings one to this point of doubt: Can Shutter Island beat The Departed’s $157.5-million international box office total?

But worried fans (who well, won’t get a cent out of the profits anyway) may squeeze up a pinch of optimism: In 20 foreign territories so far – including France, Germany, and Australia, Shutter Island has raked in at least $34 million. There has yet to be any report on the intake from the major markets including Britain, Japan and all of Latin America.