Aug 26, 2014

Hornbill Music Festival & International Rock Contest, 2014: India's biggest purse for rock

To the people of Nagaland and the Naga Diasporas, and followers of the aesthetics across the  world, we invite you to share in our delight in announcing the preparations for the 2014 edition of the Hornbill Music Festival & International Rock Contest, the biggest music competition in the subcontinent. 

We, Nagaland Outdoors’ Club (NOC) and Sky Entertainment, are delighted to announce to you the edition, and pitch you a package of excitement, fun and celebrations that we are specially preparing. 

We are readying a memorable experience just for you. This time too, your favorite one million rock music-face-off brings you not only the week-long customary festivities from December 4 to the 10th, but also a celebration of music that pays tribute to artistry and class at par with international sensibilities, anticipation, and presentation. 

Dear musicians, please start brushing up your mettle: You will be fighting for your musical life thanks to inflexible competition that bands from across North East India, India, and abroad, will offer you. 

You will be vying for the biggest prize cache in the country’s music world. We will be announcing the details for registration, audition season, and rules & regulations very soon.

Here is a refresher on the prize  money: 
  • First prize: INR 10, 00,000
  • Second prize: INR 5, 00,000
  • Third prize: INR 3, 00,000
  • Individual prizes: INR 30,000
However, there is more; this time, we bring you a different kind of different: we have an experience of a lifetime readied just for you to add to your celebration. Besides the competition – which has attracted competitors from fellow Indian states Delhi to all the way from Australia – there will be two rock legends whose momentous works have yet to be experienced live in this side of the Atlantic: British greats Smokie and American guitar god Vinnie Moore

Yes, we present you Smokie and Vinnie Moore just for your listening pleasure – live. They will be talking to you too, dear bands and fans, soon. Watch this space. 

Besides the competition, we will also be presenting to you live performances from some of the finest bands and artists from across Nagaland and the North East Region. The Music Task Force (MTF) of the Government of Nagaland has selected the management of NOC and Sky Entertainment to manage the Hornbill International Music Festival and Rock Contest for this year. 

The joint management consists of highly experienced social entrepreneurs, businesspersons, media professionals, and event managers who have not only made a mark in their respective fields but also in entertainment and show business. 

We shall be updating you with the latest through the media. One may also check for updates on our events page ‘Hornbill Music Festival & International Rock Contest’ on Facebook.

We appeal to every musician and music fan, well-wisher, and the state’s media community to  come and partner with us to not only make the event a success, but also a memorable experience that would define standards of artistry and entertainment. Come, be a part of the celebration, the experience. 


NOC & Sky Incorporated,
Hornbill Music Festival 2014

For more information please follow the link to the event's Facebook page