Musician / Band? Get Featured on NM

Are you a musician with that exquisite touch of prosaic flair
? Are you looking for a place to show off your face, profile, and general whateveritisery?

Or maybe you are a brotherhood of sophisticated loud sensibilities
that the leather-and-chain population loves? Looking for a stage to tell the world about this awesome new music video / music album / EP / concert you guys got?

What the duck, maybe you are this superdude who’s earned his wings soaring through every bar
in this world worth its beer! Looking for a nice cozy little shack to let people know you’re around? 

You’ve come to the right place – the first, oldest, biggest, and most prolific music blog this side of north east and north India, Nagalandmusic.

Here’s the deal (but you’re getting no dime out of this): This blog receives about 75,000-1,20,000 page views a month (on ‘normal’ days!) from visitors from as far as the United States, UK, and Russia, and from dudes browsing from closer home like them music-lovin’ guys in North East India.

The biggest was during 2011 when India converged here to get updates about some guys called Metallica when they performed in Bangalore and Delhi.  5, 60-70,000 lakh pageviews in three weeks and we featured in various news outlets and websites in India. 

Yep, Google rank #1!

Yep, yeah, yes.

Short story: To get featured on Nagalandmusic, you are most welcome to send us:
  • Band / musician profiles (any nationality, any genre, and any-everything)
  • Notable events (like how you performed in front a 700 tetrabillion people the other day!)
  • Publicity pitches (shows, concerts, album releases, press conferences et al)
  • Anything related to your music

Here’s what great musicians normally do:
·        Profile: Send your materials (band profiles, press releases / show updates, logos, multimedia, concert dates and announcements, any notable music event associated with band etcetera to

·       Caption: Remember, every photograph must have a caption to it. Unless you are a Metallica or a Celine Dion, we might not give a flying duck about whom or what you could be. Captions. Important.
·       Photographs: Make sure that you show us the right direction (we don’t do maps!). For example: ‘From left to right…’ and mention the musical instrument the corresponding guy in the photograph plays
      No Puffery and Vanity-Press statements please.

Keep your statements clean, matter-of-fact, and poker-faced. Don’t go “We’re-India’s-best-Indie-band’ or ‘I-am-famous-across North America' or 'best in north-east-India’ and all that shittery.

If you are famous or a top-10 selling band, trust us, the Nagalandmusic editorial team – especially our chief blog-master who is an award-winning journalist from NE India–will know.

Seriously. If you are credible and we know you have made a big mark, we will also know how to give credits. Leave that to us.
·       Publication: Please don’t expect us to publish everything you send us. This is not a local newspaper that you cartload everything on it including Puffery / Vanity Press materials shouting for attention to oneself and expect the global media to publish it as a world-stirring event. 

The editorial management of Nagalandmusic is a team of highly professional journalists and media managers working in newspaper / TV / webcast companies in Mumbai and Bangalore, the United States, and Europe. We know what media prerogative and functional editorial privileges are.

Briefly, if we think you’re credible, credit-able, and newsworthy, sure as heck we will splash your face across Nagalandmusic.

We’d love to hear from you! 

Have questions? Please send your e-mails addressed to either Aotem Jr. or Supong to 

Keep rocking! 

Your friendly Nagalandmusic Editorial Team