Jul 2, 2010

The Counterfeit Beatles: The Best Fake Beatles Ever

British alternative rockers Oasis are a herald of being the “new Beatles” and the comparison has yet to fizz out between followers of the forever-fighting Liam-Neol band and devotees of the original Fab 4. But decades after the Beatles went kaput, Oasis’ frontman Liam Gallagher didn’t care a toot if the four guys he was hanging out with – during one fine Christmas party – weren’t the real Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr.

The Oasis superstar was only just too happy to be basking in the vibe of ‘authenticity’ of The Counterfeit Beatles during that Christmas party. Yes, The Counterfeit Beatles, celebrated to be the most famous, 20, 000-crowd-pulling tribute band in the world – even Van Halen didn’t do that well!
The Counterfeit Beatles performed for the Oasis singer Liam Gallagher. Here’s the legend according to Peter Nash: “…he was so impressed Liam spent the whole time hanging out with the Counterfeits and talking Beatles, Beatles, Beatles like a true Beatles fan.”

Nash was right. Here is for the irrepressible scoffers and skeptics: When you are a tribute, bootleg band with not a piece of independent original rag on you, it is almost sacrilegious to be performing to, say 80, 000 in Greece or to a 24, 000 in Japan. But that’s exactly what The Counterfeit Beatles are today – BBC World called them the most authentic, best and (here’s the favorite liner) ‘most original bootleg’ Beatles tribute band in the world. They are UK’s biggest tribute band today (To deter any Bosti opinions or just plain Bostiness, here’s a note: When some guys called Metallica did Garage Inc. (after a 7-year break) to back-up Load, guess how many turned up).

And the four bob-cut guys – Peter Bailey (McCartney), Gordon Elsmore (Starr), Reuven Gershon (Lennon) and Martin Savill (Harrison) are to perform in Dimapur to a select evening at Niathu Resort, at 7th Mile Chumukedima, July 2. The lanky four interacted with Media persons at The Aier’s Enclave in Dimapur.

According to Peter Bailey (Paul McCartney), the “Fab 4444” have been swinging up their own Beatlemania for 12 years. Theirs have been a life of dedication to the values of love and peace that the Beatles advocated and a tribute to an era. ‘It is apart of the fantasy; their (The Beatles) songs are still fresh and relevant; they have not aged and they are still relevant,’ said Bailey, who for strange reason, looks more like John Lennon rather than Paul McCartney. And the one who actually looks so much like Paul McCartney is Starr (Gordon Elsmore)!

The Counterfeit Beatles are stars alright – when you cut for EMI a production of the Abbey Road album set or have a film to your credit, or get to perform alongside Coldplay, Bjork or Elvis Costello, you are. For those seeking a vibe or two how an international legend thing actually goes on the nerves, the Counterfeit Beatles are for you.

The show is courtesy Dimapur-based Finishing Touches (of White Lion and Mr. Big fame). And for those who may have to flip a Paisa or two whether to watch the Beatles or sit out for the World Cup match here’s news: Right after the Counterfeit Beatles show, DJ Gordon will host a party and yes, a big LCD screen for you to watch the match at the resort, organizers informed.