Jun 21, 2016

Love and peace for a day, Dimapur roars to World Music Day

June 21, World Music Day, was indeed a long day for music lovers across Nagaland as everyone eagerly waited for the big curtain to rise to give way to music.

In Dimapur city, music lovers thronged the Agri Expo at 4th mile and “The Garden” at Supermarket to watch musicians perform.  

Calling Nagaland ‘the land of festivals–songs and dances,’ the Member of the Lok Sabha Neiphiu Rio was there to support the fans, the musical celebrations and its spirit to the fullest.

Speaking to musicians and music lovers of Dimapur, the former chief minister of Nagaland said music needs to work with peace and that the art of music should always go together with peace. The common interest of all musicians should be to exist both in music and in words, Rio said.

Commenting on the Music Task Force (MTF) of Nagaland, the official music agency of the state government, which was instituted during his tenure as chief minister, Rio said that the MTF was taking shape in its purpose with various talented musicians emerging from Nagaland.

The MP also said that the MTF was a tool that would inspire the youths and talented musicians to grow.

Following the MP’s speech, the thirst for international guitarist Neil Zaza’s solo performance was quenched when the stage was given to him.

Thousands swarmed the Agri Expo to witness the legendary melodic instrumentalist Neil Zaza play live. Even before the show had begun, the enthusiastic crowd had been screaming for Zaza. The ‘I’m Alright’ hit maker came escorted by bikers. He took the stage with the greeting ‘Kinika asae, Dimapur’–much to the crowd’s roaring approval. The legendary guitarist also defied security measures and took to performing amongst the crowd which left the crowd in higher spirit.

Following the performance, locally-renowned band from Nagaland, the veteran Abiogenesis, took the stage. The band had the crowd head banging with their power-packed performances: Riverside, Saramati Tears and Hitch Hiker.

Another band, Gold Planet, performed an original ‘Love with no names’. Moajungla who gained some fans on social media after her cover on Dolly Parton’s “Coat of many colors” went into circulation, made an appearance with two numbers.

Another, a cover of Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Mengu felt like Freddie Mercury in a female form. She stole the hearts of the fans right there.

The scene at “The Garden” was no less exciting as the young and old alike throng the ground for the World Music Day event dubbed “The Sound Garden.” Local singers Moanungsang, Akummika, Colored Keys, Papersky, James Basnet, Jonathan Yhome, Incipit, Thunglamo, Ronnie, Renbeni and Gearmen Dudes were some of the artists who performed during the evening.

Nagaland’s music community lost a member recently, the then-upcoming singer Lamstala H Odyuo earlier this month. The Sound Garden paid tributes to her during the event.

(By Eastern Mirror's staff reporters, June 21, 2016)