Other Resource Sites

A few of my sites (personal, blog sites only) if you wish to visit them.

This is where I archive my recent news reports (from 2012 only). Thanks to the whims of technology, I lost almost an entire archive of the news reports (about 290-300 news reports) I filed during 2005-2007 when a slew of computer crashes hit The Morung Express office in 2007. With the news reports archive too I lost about 800 articles/columns/commentaries, about a 100 unpublished articles and my "prized" early works published in Readers Digest, North East Sun (Then called 'The Sun') and those I'd written for Eastern Mirror and Nagaland Post. That's the reason I thought why not save my news reports for reference? 

This is where I write or archive reviews and associated works about international bands focusing primarily on the Progressive Metal genres - but I'll be adding works on other musical styles, particularly Classical guitar instrumental and the Blues. I'm not sure there are that much about Indian/Nagaland music groups here, maybe a few, but its entirely for my international-music related works. Do check in if you are interested. Thank you big

This is where I laugh at myself, my people, and our crazy little state called Nagaland. (No, we are not naked, savage or munch on snakes and crocodiles as snacks. The Indian Media still lives in the amazon forest.

This is my (ir)regular weekly commentary in The Morung Express. Issues, problems, reflections and the odd whim about things that matter (or frigging don't). Thanks to my schedule it's becoming a bit rare for me to grab time to write for this one. But hey, I'm still writing. Watch out.

This is my once-very-regular-column 'United Colors of Nagaland' column in The Morung Express. Enjoy, you crazy Nagas (and elsewhere) and thanks a mega super Nagamillions for putting me on the top of the heap.

(Update: Old United Colors of Nagaland articles are no longer live on The Morung Express' servers. I hope to one day compile my early works starting from 2000, and maybe publish it for posterity. Thank you for your support.)

There are about 14 more of other newspapers, magazines, and websites I write for, and stating them here just might take a lot for my laziness to realize. I'll go eat first, wash my century-old Chuck Taylors, and add the sites here - if I'm still not too lazy again. Thank you for visiting.