Jul 15, 2017

These rocking IDGAF t-shirts from good ole Texas' Teespring collections rock

My old heavy metal t-shirts and music apparel are gathering mould—you'd they my old clothes would bring forth a rich harvest of mushroom. My guitars no longer sing. Notebooks filled with handwritten lyrics are have long powdered. I no longer sing, let alone even play the guitar. It's been many years.

It has been about 7 years now since moving on to policy journalism from music. There are times I do dream colorful dreams about recording an album that would go on to sell only 200 million copies. Patkai Christian College is responsible for giving me that bit.

Now far from the noisy crowd, we all are older. It was boredom that the internet introduced me to this cool t-shirt company called Teespring. It seems it's one of the United States' most prominent custom T-shirt companies. Designer, one-off designs mostly.

Teespring have some loud and straightway IDGAF ones too. Some are cool in a quiet way. Still more are those that beg to be bought right away thanks to their loudness.  

I like this one. It's simple and, well, simply IDGAF

This one is good too. I prefer darker colors though

Who would have known that online shopping would one day become this big? I mean, in the tiny third-world forest of Nagaland, only a few youths in the urban areas of the state had even heard of the internet even in year 2000 (except for "computer" which, in our village days, was a magical device or facility that we never believed we'd see).

I mean c'mon, in 2006, when I first joined the site, there were only about 50-60 maximum Naga persons on it. Seriously. (It was only during 2008-2009 that, my friends and connection came to around 150, which was a huge number those days.) And now, we have online shopping. WTF.   

Anyway, I have bought a number of Tshirts online and they look quite good. I have several other t shirts coming in from Moda Rapido. Let me try Teespring's too.

If you know any good places that sell one-off pieces, holler in the comments section.