Jun 21, 2010

Asin Shurhozelie: Aria Probable

Asin Shurhozelie is the new girl in town. While I have yet to sit in an exclusive performance by her, Asin’s collaborations have been interesting. Her work with the Dimapur-based music and arts institution, Hope Centre for Excellence, is commendable. I recall the Night at The Broadway which was performed in Dimapur recently.

The girl has got a thing or two stashed way in her voice and verve. If from just few performances she has skeptics and unforgiving critics anticipating something more, she’s certainly on the right track. My only concern is her voice being ‘commercialized’ to suit contemporary hypes (I was a tad disturbed that a recent Ad campaign for the Handshake Concert attributed her talent to even singing what was called “Italian Arias”. We music reviewers are yet to even learn that there might actually be anything called stipulate genres going by terms in the like of ‘American Arias’ or ‘European Arias’ either!). I hope she stays focused; she has so much to give.

Asin Shurhozelie was part of the Handshake Concert in Delhi on June 2010. I think she’s 23 (or 24?), a good age I’d say – that’s exactly the phase the voice starts to fortify into a more tonal, mature timbre (no offense, no patronization here; just an observation). But the point I need to make is totally different: she holds much promise, if her recent shows in Dimapur are anything to go by. The Kohima native is appended with a credit from Trinity Guildhall of London. She also has a credit of Advanced Singing Certificate from Trinity.

(Photo credit: Rattle & Hum Media handout)

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