Mar 26, 2011

Nagaland Music: Free Download websites

Finding Free Naga Music Downloads 

Readers often email me querying from where they can download ‘free Nagaland music’ MP3 files. I hope Mr. Rio is an admirer of Mother Teresa. I need cash to set up a ‘free Nagaland music download’ website dukan.

Lemme tell ya sumthin': There has yet to be any free music download websites that host Naga musicians' works. Woah! Hold on! Hold on, you impatient noob! Just keep reading and ama tellya where to get them. First thing first. We emerged from the jungles just half a century agao. We are still building a music industry. Meaning, we do not have big music labels promoting stuff. In the US, you have sponsors who run albums for you, do your dirty publicity work and sell your CDs for you everywhere, any platform. Come on, even India isn't that bad at it. Or Mizoram.

But us lot? We make our CDs and peddle it ourselves. Internet business is a concept very new to us, barely a couple of years if you are talking about its application. Our CD are still in the movie stores, book depots and maybe your uncle's momo-and-chow shindig near the market. Which means, if you want the musical works of Naga musicians in Nagaland and elsewhere, you have to do some real shopping (Ugh. The government ought to decree that only women should go shopping and men get to be their cool self at home lazing in front of ESPN).

Youtube, Baby

Anyhow, let's get to the point. The sad news not withstanding, you can still find some great, selected, and free music from Naga bands, on YouTube. You won't find entire albums but you will find some of the best of from the artists' repertoire. All you have to do is go to Youtube and search. If you know a song in particular you wish to have, great.

And it's easy to get them down into your system (PC or mobile phone).

Here's how to do it (and the easiest yet):

(In layman's lingo)

1. Go to the website Youtube.
2. Type in the name of the Naga  band / artiste in the search box. If you know the name of the song you are particular to, type in that, with the name of the artist. Example: 'Alobo Naga Painted dreams.'
3. The search results will bring up the song
4. Go to the uploaded song
5. Click on the URL of the page containing the song (See image)

6. Now go to the online converter This online converter is by far the best I have found online. there are many others but most of them have glitches such as slow streaming and takes a bigger bite out of upload.

7. Past the copied URL into vidtomp3's paste box 

Paste it in, hit 'Enter' and there you are, after your URL is converted, a link will appear with the instructions 'Your file has been converted click to download.' 

You won't have the video but an audio for your PC and phone. Follow the same trick with every song you wish to download.

Now here are some of the few sites that host free music of bands and artists from Nagaland.
But I'm not promising you much. You will find a song or two in the artiste's home pages. I still advise you to go to YouTube.

Here you will find some free music from Naga musicians and bands. The list includes albums and individual MP3 streaming and yes, music videos. Now isn’t that major cool?
The problems?

(a)    No downloads. Just visit the website, sit obediently and listen
(b)   You need a super-fast, updated Flash Player or you are going to pay 2-hours worth of cybercaf√© money waiting for one Naga rock song to complete loading. By that time, the song is loaded the cybercaf√© man's probably closing shop – or its load-shedding time. Sorta
(c)    The songs listed on the site are not exactly your idea of a Naga music library. Not many choices and most of the tracks are well, mediocre. The better ones, especially rock albums, are sold in the stores, in case you are interested
(d)   But don’t lose heart, there are also some of the best in the Naga music scene - Divine Connection, Dementia, Senti Toy and even Theja Meru (listen to his track ‘Believe’)

The Naga music site has retired for now soon faster that the Nagaland government implementing the Nagaland Retirement (from Public Employment) Act 2009.

Naga Music on Facebook

There are a number of artist profiles on Facebook – Alobo and Abiogenesis etc. I am not sure if they have new songs but you can listen to them on their Facebook music profiles. Just memorize the names of the musicians and bands in this blog and search it on Facebook. Easy!

Nagaland Music on MySpace 

Read the ‘Facebook’ category. In fact, MySpace has the bigger number of bands and musicians from Nagaland. Check out Eximious. And find Melodrama. If you do locate the second one, let me know. The only problem with Myspace? Myspace disabled its free download feature about 3 years ago, thanks to increased litigation by the American music industry. You can still listen to Naga music online on Myspace but download? I doubt unless the musicians offer you free downloads of their songs by having set their settings for free downloads.  

Naga rock bands on Ibibo 

Read the categories on Facebook and MySpace

There is only one online music store dedicated to music albums from Nagaland and Naga musicians. The website is Indihut, run by Yan Kikon and his nerd baby brother Lyio Kikon. If you want full albums, go to Indihut and buy the stuff. Our musicians will end up on the streets wearing torn underwear if you keep looking only for free stuff. Go support them for Pete's sake.  

Generally, you'll find no 'Nagaland free music downloads' in bulk. However, if you are interested, you will find CDs of Naga metal bands only in the stores in Dimapur and Kohima. The better ones are not on the internet. You can Google search, but it will just waste your cybercafe fee man. In addition, you will need the auto rickshaw fare, dude.

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  1. Azha's last serenade (8 songs)in
    i love 'embrace your end'

  2. Thank you for the link, Sao. Certainly, readers would love it. If you scour up more, please feel free to post. Thank you so much again.

    PS to Readers: If you find links to Naga music sites please post it here. I'll be really grateful. Thank you guys

  3. can you download songs on Myspace? I thnk it cn only be listened to. Myspace streming is too slow though

    1. @Toshi I have updated the post. Check out how to extract audio from music videos. That, for now, remains the only free source of musical works from Nagaland