May 6, 2010

Bob Marley's Saga and the Jumping Bean

A rousing and joyful chaos of music, dancing and jollity it was on Saturday, February 6, at Jumping Bean with a teeming mass of buoyant music lovers celebrating Bob Marley's 65th birth anniversary, for the first time in

Nagaland. Themed 'Stir it up' the Jumping Bean event was truly an energetic evening of thumbing reggae from two bands, Roots Reggae Band (Meghalaya) and Daniel & The Soul Rebels (Arunachal Pradesh). The two bands rode with the happy confusion of the gathered "rocking" youths by enlisting the services of the legacy of the man the music world calls the Rasta Man.

The evening's mass of humanity at the tribute concert was a colorful mingling of tourists from Argentina, converse-toting fabulous Goth girls and trouser-dragging hip-hop youths, punky kids and elegantly dressed women and their hefty husbands and of course the odd drunk singing his own special unique tunes at strange timings.

Daniel & The Soul Rebels

Daniel & The Soul Rebels took the opening gig for an already-filling-up Jumping Bean. The youth and music hangout is run by two young entrepreneurs Sarah Pongen and Nokcha Aier. Daniel and his soul comrades ran through a stimulating routine of Marley classics, rehashes, renditions of the iconic number Jhonny B Goode and of course, a Peter Josh or two. Reggae biggies such as 'Stir it up' certainly validated the evening's theme. Of course, the audience was the lead vocalist in almost all the classics that Daniel and his soulmates - 'Stir it up,' 'No women no cry' and even the odd 'Wild World' as sung according to Jimmy Cleff. Notwithstanding to the stumble-and-trip-over lyrics and in the process, mumble some other interesting lyric, the gathered fans gladly joined in the tribute. So did a number of foreign tourists. Americans and Argentineans.

From Argentina, Sebastian is a photographer, a juggler and a self-professed wanderer who has traveled the world in his quest for photography and music. Shrill with a remarkable

Latin American accent, Sebastian disclosed that he was in Dimapur with four other of his friends. Not accidentally, they are all reggae devotees - and what hoarse joy than to dance and enjoy the evening away with 'No woman, no cry.' Aside from instigating the café's patrons into having fun, Sebastian juggled a bit or two, much to the patrons' delight.

Roots Reggae Band

By the time Roots Reggae Band took the gig after Daniel and his group, the café was already filled and sparkling with gaiety and shouts of "Redemption Song!" (A Bob Marley classic). Of course, the band obliged the back-benchers' demand. And with other else too - 'No woman, no cry' and 'stir it up' included. During the Roots Reggae Band set, the gathered crowd was the lead vocalist in all the songs this time as well.

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