May 6, 2010

Bobby Cash: The Cowboy from India

For a man — from the land of ear-blistering Bhangra and soulful Ghazals — boasting of three full length albums, a clutch of best-selling singles on international charts and a documentary on him by Discovery Channel, it’s no big deal really – unless you happen to be an Indian, from India (yes, India). And a ‘cowboy’ (yes, a ‘cowboy’). And warbling not Bhangra, but, yes, crooning country songs (yes, you heard it right again – country songs).

Cowboys and Indians are stuff every boy’s dream of the ultimate adventure is made of. But Bobby Cash is one cowboy any Indian would do the-what-jump at, in surprise. The ‘What Would You Do’ and ‘Tumbleweed’ hit-maker is in Dimapur. Country Music Association’s (CMA) Global Artiste nominee for 2005, Bobby Cash, will be playing at Niathu Resort to a select evening. The Stetson-hatted man interacted with The Morung Express tonight in Dimapur before his scheduled April 17 show at Niathu Resort.

The first ride

‘I started performing at “The Rodeo” in Delhi and slowly build up a following. I learned quite a lot during that Delhi phase,” Bobby said. Bobby Cash saw his childhood in NE India. Said to have been born to a family of royal lineage Bal Kishore Das Loiwal became ‘Bobby’ from his father calling him “Babu.” And from where did the ‘cash’ flow in? Well, ‘Kishore’ turned into ‘Kesh’ for his friends and family. And ‘Kesh’ gradually turned into ‘Cash.’ There, Bobby Cash.
His international career began when Australia’s Tamworth Music Festival invited him to perform at the biggie. Before long, he was playing to packed houses in Tamworth and for Bobby, an amazing journey began. Soon he was all over media, appearing on television and radio. He quickly became the subject of a documentary in 2003 by Discovery Channel. The Documentary was ‘One in a Billion: The Indian Cowboy.’

Bobby Cash is India’s one and only proper country music performer – add his international credentials to it. Often referred to in one breathe with Remo Fernandez and Gary Lawyer, Bobby is literally ‘one in a billion’ as described by music fans who are not really convinced of India’s credibility when it comes to country music. He showed them all.

‘Cowboy at Heart’ was released in 2003. ‘Cowboy at Heart’ included duets with Australian country music singers Smokey Dawson and Tania Kernaghan. Since then, he still is galloping across the globe with his trusty acoustic guitar. Bobby became the first Indian to enter the top 10 in the Australian country music charts.

Still Riding

‘I am always learning; learning and always hungry to grow to the next level,’ The 6’5’ something skyscraper said. The performer has no regrets in his life.
In fact, every moment has being special and the highest point in his life.’ He played the Indian National Anthem at Sidney for the Australia-India test tour in Sidney – ‘that was special.’ He was nominated for the CMA Global Artist award – ‘that was special.’ He has three hit singles on the country charts – ‘that was special.’ “I believe in excellence; if you watch a master at work, you know how his skill is,” Bobby said. The man must know – being an Indian, and receiving recognition in a genre of music identified only as the Americans’ won cultural legacy. ‘I have played in Texas and they know country music; it’s their music; you can’t fool them; you have to be good,’ he explained, to press his point that one must seek excellence in whatever he does.

In 2005 in Nashville, US, Bobby Cash was nominated in the Global Artist category by the CMA. Bobby got a standing ovation from the President of the CMA, Ed Benson, who called him the ‘real deal’ at the Global Artist Showcase on The Stage, Broadway. He has also appeared on WSM Midnite Jamboree and done a jig in Dallas, Fort Worth.

On a personal level, Bobby said hold his family above all priorities. Aside from music, he said to be involved in the church and the Holy Bible is his favorite book. Aside from country music? ‘Cricket!’ he confesses. “The best is still yet to come; everything I went through was a step forward,” the country singer said, referring to his future.

Bobby Cash has these words for those who are still trying: “All things are possible…don’t give up. If I can do it, anyone can.’ Here’s to the man.

Cowboy at Heart

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