Oct 28, 2011

Divine Connection's (yeah, that rock band from Nagaland) Pictures and images

by Al Ngullie

This is for all of you visitors to my blog who'd been nagging me for pictures and images of Divine Connection, Nagaland's biggest export to India's rock circuit in 45 years yet. The band recently won the MTV Kurkure Desi Rock. Members of Divine Connection, are Obed Kath (voice), Lichen Kichu (Guitars), Bandang Kichu (Drums) and Mhathung Odyuo (bass guitars). The band has an album 'El Roi' (2008) as well.  Read the album review here.

The pictures are mostly from Divine Connection's Facebook fanpage and yes, Mhathung Odyuo, was kind enough to give me the go-ahead thing with his own as well. By the way, why would you ask for Divine Connections' photographs here when there is a-plenty on Facebook? You lazy dweaks. Anyways, here they are, enjoy!

Note: All I did was ask and I got. I do not know who the photographers are. If there is a photograph of the band here you recognize as yours, please write to me at alngullie@gmail.com (or leave a comment) with the image URL of the photograph (s) so I'll mention you in the credit as the photographer. Thank you.

Mhathung is lost in his best John Myung Impression. Garnier Shampoo istymal karo, zabardast bajao. Take Care! 

Bendang just found out that these things don't sound at all like mom's utensils he used to play at home!

India's latest fingergod Lichen is all legs on this one. 

...and both of them are so happy to be playing under red bulbs somewhere far from Nagaland - them bulbs remind the dudes of Christmas, you see.

No, that's not a Gold Medal for winning the MTV Kurkure Desi Beat. Anyway, as you can see one of the four is obviously out of place both direction-wise and shirt-wise. No wonder. He's not wearing his glasses nah. 

And here's the famous first photograph of Divine Connection. Right after winning the MTV Kurkure Desi Rock Beat results were announced, this picture was the first to reach the Media - and I'm one of the very few to have seen it first yay!! Oh by the way, his exotic Pyjamas helped a lot - convinced the Judges to think that these dudes had been working without sleep na.  

And the winner is...DIVINE CONNECTION OF NAGALAND! The now-everywhere photograph of the band reacting right after the judges announced their name as winners of the MTV Kurkure Desi Rock Beat. 

Lichen looked up just in time to realize that his vocalist wasn't pointing at anything up there anywhere.



  1. Lolzzz...:P the captions are betta thn ta piX! :P :P

  2. Nice pictures. Divine Connection seems OK sw em on tv. The comments are "Musical" :))