Oct 29, 2011

Metallica's Bangalore Concert Not Postphoned

by Al Ngullie

Ticket refund for Metallica's Delhi Concert; Delhi show on Saturday, Oct 29
Bangalore show not canceled; notices served to DNA Networks; Criminal case against organizers.     

India has pulled off a a metal CWG of sorts. Metallica will perform in Bangalore October 30 as scheduled even as the band's Delhi-Gurgaon show was postponed due to 'safety concerns.' You can't blame the fans for ripping off barricades and having a go at the music gear.

Remember in my earlier blog, I mentioned booking the organizers and wanting a Metal Anna Hazare? Well, according to CNN-IBN four organizers have been arrested by Delhi authorities for "cheating the public." The news anchor did not say what "cheating the public" meant. My assumption is, she meant the poor sots skimmed off some of the funds that originally was meant for safety infrastructure? 

Anyway, IBN Live said the arrested included the general manager of Operations and three assistant general  managers. Further, notices have been served to the owners of DNA Networks, the organizers as well.

Here is a video still from the IBN Live news report. The link to the full video is in the following part of this article:

Too bad for the fans and too bad for the opening act, Delhi-based metalcore band Guillotine for Metallica's show in Delhi.

For those seeking a ticket refund, you can do so from DNA, the TV report said, quoting DNA officials. Earlier, "technical reasons" were cited as the reason behind cancellation of the show. However, it was more do to with safety infrastructure and security for the audience attending the concert, I am told. My rationale is that although the concert is part of the F1 India, it is obvious that 300MPR cars won't be doing the rounds when the band is performing right?          

Bangalore Concert NOT Canceled - at least not now

Thankfully, DNA "sources" have said, according to the news channels I watched, that Metallica will be performing in Bangalore, October 30 as scheduled. You may want to watch the news on Metallica's Delhi-Gurgaon show at this IBN Live video here.

For full details about the tickets, prices and outlets for the band's Bangalore concert, you will find it here in this update I wrote earlier: Metallica India Concert Tickets Price List - Full

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