Oct 12, 2012

Nagaland Music Awards 2012: The Winners

On Friday, October 12, the winners of the 4th annual Nagaland Music Awards were not even locally-known names but new musicians with new tastes and new talents to display. 

Familiar names such as Alobo Naga and The Tetseo Sisters failed to land any music trophies but newcomer Vizho Thakro took away two awards, one for Best Gospel Song and another for best sound engineering.

The fourth edition of the low-profile but persistent annual awards for Naga musicians was organized by Native Trax this time and was held at the Imliyanger Memorial Hall in Dimapur. Commissioner & Secretary of Tourism Himato Zhimomi was the chief guest of the event that saw more than score audio and video nominations from various musicians.

This year’s awards were for Best Rock/Metal song, Best Pop song, Best Gospel song, Best Hip-hop/Rap/R&B song and Best Folk/Fusion song. Peripheral awards included one each for best sound engineer, producer, video director, music video and Song of the year. Likewise, there were the Trailblazer Award and the Patron Award.

Rongsen Longchari was awarded the Song of the Year Award for ‘Prayer,’ a rap/pop number, while The Tetseo Sisters and Alobo Naga were given the Trail Blazer Award for their contribution to the local music scene.   

The Tetseo Sisters and Alobo Naga were acknowledged with the award for their efforts that encouraged music and musicians in the art. Also, Commissioner Himato Zhimomi was acknowledged with the Patron Award for contribution to music in Nagaland.  

The Best Gospel Award was given to Vizho Thakro for his Angami number ‘A Khawahie Yi.’ The song would also go on to win the Best Sound Engineering, to sound engineer C Teeya Imsong of Tribes Music and Media Lab.  The Best Music Video Award went to hip-hop group Still Rhyming for their song ‘Give Peace a Chance.’ Charles Crezen Topno was named the Best Video Director for ‘Give Peace a Chance’ by Still Rhyming.

The Best Producer Award went to M&M Mediaworks for ‘Life Goes On’ by Imli Lee AKA Dejavu. In the folk/fusion category Alem Alia Jamir & Ethnic Team won the Best Folk Fusion Song Award for their song ‘Live A Better Life’. Alem Alia Jr and Kenei Chale also won the Best Pop Song Award. 

In the rap/hip-hop category, rapper Imli Lee AKA Dejavu took the award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song with his heartbreak song ‘Life Goes On’. Benathung Humtsoe won the Best Soft/Alternative Song for his track “On The Right Track” while rockers Cadence won the Best Rock/Metal Award for their song ‘Journey of Life.’ 

The award winners also performed during the event. Later after the awards ceremony Nagaland's rock band Divine Connection took the stage to perform 'El Roi' (From their album 'El Roi', 2008), Petra's 'I'm on the Rock' (from 'Beyond Belief', 1990) and an unidentified original. Another local musician Yangs Jamir performed as curtains to the 4th Nagaland Music Awards.   


  1. The judges must be crazy. Never heard of the artists who won. Surprised !!!

    1. Okay, come up with the names on your possible list and pit 'em against the winning songs. Asshole!

    2. Quote: "The judges must be crazy. Never heard of the artists who won. Surprised !!!"

      :) Hello Anonymous No.1, the judges did not confer the awards on the basis of whether an artiste/band was heard-of or known-by people, but on artistry, creativity and of course musicianship, both lyrically and musically

  2. However, an old bottle does not guarantee a better wine either!

  3. Nagaland, overflowing with potential individual........ need institute to polish.....v can take it to another level...

  4. True. Naga music needs to go to a new level!

  5. just piece of shit music industry if your rich you can do anything if your not than keep dreaming :D