Jan 5, 2013

Guinness World Records: Join the 'World's Largest Guitar Ensemble'

Or something of that sort. It sounds like a very, very nice newspaper headline we all would serious time love, love and love to read by January 13, don’t you think? Well, all you need is an electric guitar – you could be on your way to becoming a part of music history.

Check out These Guinness World records 

In 2011, Japanese guitar teacher Fumiyoshi Kamo landed the Guinness World Record for the ‘world’ largest online guitar lesson,’ which featured 8,776 guitarists learning a one-hour guitar class from him. In 2009, Guinness World Records certified an event of the Thanks Jimi Festival in Poland as the ‘world’s largest guitar ensemble.’ The attempt drew 6,346 participants (including Steve Morse of Deep Purple himself). The event broke its own record in 2011 when more than 7,000 guitarists of all species — electric, acoustic, bass, classical — played American guitar hero Jimi Hendrix's rendition of the cult classic ‘Hey Joe.’

For those who can’t hold the guitar but can convincingly pretend to play one, the Guinness World Record for the ‘largest air guitar ensemble’ went to an event in 2011 in California, USA, during which 2,377 participants pretended to play guitars.

Pork & Guitars

Now music-blooded Nagaland, a tiny tribal state in India’s North East fringes may have set a date with history when electric guitar players from the state and North East India converge in Dimapur city to attempt landing a Guinness World Record for the prospective title ‘World’s Largest Electric Guitar Ensemble.’ Wouldn’t it be wonderful – many decades later – to hear your grandchildren boast to their playmates – ‘ma grampa and gramma won the kinis whold lecodes wit electic guitas!’

Sky Entertainment, a sister of Dimapur-based financial management company Sky Group, is currently in frenzy to help Nagaland land a name in the Guinness World Record in something this state’s people is good at – no, not eating pork – music. And Guinness World Record has already nodded ‘yes’ and its officials would be arriving in Dimapur for the attempt on January 12.

Organizers of the record attempt, Sky Group, and its principal supporters held a press conference at hangout CafĂ© Destination in Dimapur today. Yanren Kikon, the CEO of Sky Group, explained that the idea of attempting a world record came to birth several months ago during discussions to bring in a world renowned American guitar player. The idea germinated into research when, Kikon said, they later found out that there were no current Guinness achievements pertaining to electric guitars. Interested persons may note that the song-for-the-record-attempt is ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ by 90s American hard rock group Guns N’ Roses (the song is originally by Bob Dylan).

The event’s publicist, Abalu, said the event would be one opportunity where the message of unity – musicians and music lovers of tribes and communities – could play as one, united and in harmony. The undertones of the record attempt could not be missed when she said ‘it is not only to popularize Nagaland but one where all the musicians and tribes can sit and play together.’

Chief Minister of Nagaland Neiphiu Rio is also reported to be “very much supportive” to the record attempt. Gugs Chishi, the Chief of Music Task Force – Nagaland government’s very own music pusher – was also present during the press conference.

According to Chishi, the chief minister and chief of the MTF Dr. Nicky Kire are supportive in any way they can to lend a hand. “The idea centers on music and we felt that it was where we can make an impact in terms of support; we are sharing ideas and experiences for now and we appeal to all the players in Nagaland and North East to come and join,” he said


Have Guitar, Can Play

Currently, several hundreds have already confirmed their participation – including from Meghalaya, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh – and more are expected to turn up before January 12. For a people to whom music is a necessity as basic as pork, at least 1,000 participants from Nagaland shouldn’t be that hard a task.

One has only to have a solid-body electric guitar and a speaker-amp. As for those who can hold a tune but don’t have the guitar/amps, efforts are underway to mobilize more hardware to increase the chances of a successful record attempt. Talking of hardware, Akum Jamir of musical instrument outlet Crescendo said that an event in the magnitude of a record attempt featuring at least 500 guitar players with an amp of 15 watts would require a power input of around 25, 000 watts. 

Guinness World Record’s representative in the subcontinent, Nikhil Kishore Shukla, is confirmed to arrive in Dimapur on January 11 to adjudicate the record attempt. So, many decades later, if you want an authentic Guinness World Record certificate hanging in your sitting room and be able to proudly declare to the world “I was there!” go get your thing then. And watch this space for more info on how to rock your way into the book of Guinness World Records.  

Al Ngullie
The Morung Express, January 5, 2012 

So long as you have a guitar and an amp - or can find one - you can join and be a part of history you can later boast about. For more information, please visit www.skygroup.org.in or email skyentertainment@skygroup.org.in 

You can also call or SMS with name, location and contact number added, to 8730957422, 9774412588, 9612373904 and 9436825085. If you know someone who is guitar-crazy and loves real time achievements, just share this info. 



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